Everyone has to start somewhere

You know those moments in life, when you think you’re looking fantastic, and you’re showing the world who is boss? I thought that recently when I crossed over the finish line of the 5km (actually 5.6km) JP Morgan Corporate Challenge in Battersea Park.

I honestly believed I looked like Sonic the Hedgehog, speeding through the last hundred meters, making the most of my last iota of energy with fantastic looking hair. Nope – the official pictures came back today and reality struck. I looked on death’s door, panting like a dog with a thick coat on a hot summer’s day, red and extremely sweaty (which did not bode well for the spiky blue hair I imagined).

I didn’t necessarily look great, but crossing that finish line is the best I have felt in a long time. Just three weeks before I couldn’t run a kilometre, but I had just run the first two kilometres of this challenge without batting an eye lid, and only had to walk for roughly two minutes of the whole distance. What’s more, I completed the run with three lovely ladies from work, and we all enjoyed a well-deserved Italian meal afterwards. It’s not all about the pain!

When I don’t decide on a drunken work night out that these challenges are a brilliant idea, anyone who knows me well enough will describe how as soon as I kick off my shoes from a day of work, I’m in my pyjamas and the TV is on. I’d go as far to say my spirit animal resembles a sloth. This is to change however.

Six weeks ago I set myself a goal – to be able to run a half marathon in June 2017. The JP Morgan run was my ‘everyone has to start somewhere’ challenge, and I’m pleased to have finished in 35 minutes and 49 seconds.

I’m writing this blog to hold myself accountable. I’m one of these people that sets myself a challenge or goal and doesn’t always follow through. It even applies with holidays. So far this year, I’m supposed to have visited Prague, Mallorca and Hong Kong – all of which have not happened and won’t happen by December 31. Wales might though. Back to the point, the idea is that if it’s public knowledge, I have to do it. Right?

This is very much a personal challenge for me. Unfortunately my health hasn’t been as fantastic as Sonic’s hair this past six months, and I’m hoping that embarking on being fitter and healthier will help me to deal with some of these problems. Of course it isn’t all about me, and I will be taking on this challenge to raise money for charity too, although I am still narrowing down who this will be.

Please feel free to follow this journey with me, there’s bound to be ups and downs. I’ll try and update regularly!

Ta’ra for now. xx


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