Maybe this is actually possible…

So today I messed up a little at work. I’m supposed to be a PR specialist, but I managed to issue a press release emailing everyone in the TO: form instead of blank copying them in. Therefore I’m betting there’s a few journalists out there today who begrudge me sharing their email address.

So during my walk home from work, as I was contemplating how bad it would be if I got sacked, I was looking forward to running to get things off my mind.

It was clearly enough motivation. Today was my best run yet. I came home and picked a route that was a little longer than usual and would go alongside the river (Thames). With the lights of Canary Wharf lighting up my way, I wasn’t concentrating on my feet and soon I settled into a really comfortable rhythm.

Riverside route (tracked on MapMyRun)
That was until a very recognisable smell brought me back to reality. It was like being transported back to being five years old, running around Pennywell Farm milking cows and cuddling rabbits. Who knew there was a farm right next to the river?! Oh and apparently, there is also a Chinese take-away in the area that looks pretty decent. Something I’ve been looking for since I moved eight months ago (yes I know this is a fitness blog, but treats don’t hurt in moderation).

Within reach

Continuing through the docks, interrupted by a quick conversation from Rob wanting to know how to make my gnocchi recipe, I didn’t even realise I’d reached 6km. Now this might not sound like much to some people, but it’s the first time I’ve achieved running this distance without having to walk.

Tonight is the first time I actually feel like running a half marathon is within reach, and as I ran through Surrey Quays, I realised just how far I’ve come. Eight months ago I sat on a bench in the area crying my eyes out. My life was changing out of my control and it panicked me.

Since then I found a home, had an operation, recovered and built myself back up. Tonight is also the first time I’ve looked back on it and genuinely smiled. I can be a tough cookie when I need to be, and combined with noticing myself getting fitter each time I run, I’m feeling pretty alright (let’s hope I’m not tempting fate and I don’t get sacked tomorrow).

My mum always says that once I decided I want do something, I’ll go after it. Maybe I can actually see that in myself tonight.

So, 10km on next week? We’ll see!

Laura xx


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